Digital Marketing Beginners Guide

Digital Marketing Guide for Beginners by Hot n Top

What is Digital Marketing & Why it is so Important?


Digital Marketing is an approach of marketing using Electronic Devices and Internet. It is Best & Cheapest marketing approach ever. It generates higher ROI (Return on Investment) when compared with Traditional Marketing approach. Businesses use Digital and Electronic Channels such as Search Engines, Social Media, Email etc. to connect with their customers.

This approach contains SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), Email Marketing, Content Marketing, PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns such as Google Ad words. Affiliate Marketing, Native Marketing, Marketing Automation, Online PR, Inbound Marketing etc.

Therefore, it generates highest ROI. It is considered to be a key parameter for success of any organization for achieving it’s goals.

We will now discuss about its aspects below:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO - Search Engine Optimization Guide For Beginners - Hot n Top
SEO – Search Engine Optimization Guide For Beginners – Hot n Top

SEO is an optimization process and technique to rank your website high on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Free (Organically). There are various parameters need to keep in mind while building or designing any website. So that it can rank high on Search Engines. If the SEO score of your website is high and it is designed according to Search Engines. It will give you Free (Organic) traffic. Without paying for promotional campaigns, users will visit your web page through Search Keywords on Search Engines. You can use Meta Title, Meta Tags, Search Engine friendly URLs in HTML while designing your website. Load Speed of the web page should be high. HTML and Images should be compressed and you should use Secured Server.

SMO (Social Media Optimization)

SMO - Social Media Optimizatio - Hot n Top
SMO – Social Media Optimizatio – Hot n Top

SMO is Social Media optimization as your website should be listed on Social Media platforms. These are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snap chat, Google Plus etc. You should have good customer base on Social Media platforms. If you have more people who follow your page or business profile. It gives your web page higher Domain Authority and Page Authority. You can use the Back links as well on High DA (Domain Authority), High PA (Page Authority) websites. Make sure, that you create Do Follow link and not the No Follow links. In today’s time, almost all people use Social Media platforms. So, when you promote your product on the right time in front of right audience, you are good to go. Also, You can use paid promotional techniques as well to promote your business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC - Pay Per Click Beginners Guide - Hot n Top
PPC – Pay Per Click Beginners Guide – Hot n Top

Pay Per Click is advertising approach where you only pay when someone clicks on the link of your web page. You promote your web page through Google Ad words or some other advertising platforms. Therefore, this is most beneficial approach. Because, you get the impressions on your ads but you are charged when someone actually click on it. You can run the campaigns on Google Ad words, which could be on whether Search Network, Display Network or on YouTube. You can set the bid on Keywords and Ad Groups and plan your Key Words using Google Keyword Planner tool. There are a lot many features in this. Where, you can target your audience depending on their geographical locations, behaviors, interests or demography.

Google Analytics is another tool. Where you can track the audience and all conversions on real time basis.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing - Hot n Top
Affiliate Marketing – Hot n Top

Affiliate Marketing is a term where you advertise and promote products or services of other websites. Example – Amazon, Flipkart are online eCommerce Marketplaces. So, when you promote their products through links on your website or blog and you get commission from them. There are many Affiliate Networks in India and Globally where you can get all the merchants and stores to promote their products. Commission Junction, V Commission, CueLinks, Payoom, Optimise Media Network, iCubeswire are few examples. They will provide you all stores and merchants products through API or CSV or XML files. Therefore, you can create your own online affiliate store using Woo Commerce Plugin on WordPress.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing - Hot n Top
Email Marketing – Hot n Top

Email marketing is an approach of promoting your business using Emails, Newsletter Subscriptions etc. Whenever you are running offers or discounts you can share the details with your customers through Email newsletters. Therefore, this is the best and standard approach as almost all people check their emails on daily basis.


Content Marketing

Content Marketing - Hot n Top
Content Marketing – Hot n Top

You can create your Content and Promote it for the purpose of Brand Awareness, Lead Generation or Traffic Growth. The channels which play important role are:

Blog Posts | Ebooks | White Papers | Infographics


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