Gurgaon – A metro city also known as Gurugram!

Gurgaon – A metro city also knoÌwn as Gurugram!

Here in this article, we will discuss about Gurgaon which is now known as Gurugram. It is place where you will find people from almost all regions of India. Most of the people come to Gurgaon for Jobs as it has huge number of companies in IT Sector. When we talk about infrastructure & development, It is one of the best cities in India. It situates in Haryana state and comes in Delhi-NCR.

Best Places to visit in Gurgaon?

DLF Cyber Hub and Sector 29 are the best places to visit when you arrive to Gurgaon.


Cyber Hub is a consolidated hub where you will see all multi national companies and pubs and discos. The bars are awesome and you are gonna love it when you visit. You will find many clubs there such as Imperfecto, Soi 7, Hard Rock Cafe. Most of the events execution is taken care off in DLF Cyber Hub as it is a place where you will always see crowd.

On the other hand, Sector 29 is a place which is popular for weekend night parties. You will see variety of clubs, pubs and bars there. I will share some of my favorite bars which are Va-pour Bar Exchange, Bronx, Downtown, Chull, Feel Alive etc. I suggest you to visit that once as you will love the crowd and ambiance.


So, yes the most popular mall is yet to discuss which is Sahara mall. You all must have heard about it 😉 It is very popular for parties and featured nights and on the other hand badnam for wrong happenings. Haha! Jokes apart!! Ambiance mall is one of the best malls in India and you can enjoy ice skating and smash play games there.

If you love night outs or hangout you can go Huda City Center Paranthe Wala or Vipul Square Paranthe wala which are famous for Paranthas and Chai in night time.

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