Top 10 Shampoos in India ranked from Worst to Best

Top 10 Shampoos in India ranked from Worst to Best

Which Shampoo do you use – Dove, Pantene, L’Oréal or Sunsilk?

Have you ever read the list of ingredients? If not, let me tell you. It’s scary!

It is shocking to know that the most popular shampoo brands contain a lot of toxic and harsh chemicals in it. These chemicals can cause irritation, illness, baldness and even cancer. Frequent use of those shampoos will gradually weaken your hair and cause dandruff, irritation, hair fall and even diseases.

It’s very important to use the mild and gentle shampoo on hair and scalp.

So, which shampoo is best? Let us find out…

I have bought more than 20 shampoos from supermarket and online. I have thoroughly researched and categorized all the shampoos on basis of toxic chemicals present in them. I have noticed that the different shampoos from same brands contain almost same ingredients.

I have categorized all the shampoos in 4 categories from worst to best.

Category Number 1 (Worst)

Shampoos by:

Garnier, Tresseme, Head & Shoulders, L’Oréal, Pantene, Dove, Clinic Plus, Sunsilk, All Clear

Shampoos from above brands have more than 10 toxic chemicals present in them. It is so disappointing to know that the shampoos from most popular brands have most toxic chemicals. My advice for you to consider stop using them. These contain strong fragrances and artificial colors.

Category Number 2 (Intermediate)

Shampoos by:

Johnsons Baby, Wow Apple Cider Vinegar

These shampoos are little better than the category number 1 but still have toxic chemicals present in it. If we compare both, Wow is better as it is free from sulphate. These have around 6-7 toxic chemicals present in them. Along with chemicals these also have artificial fragrances and strong colors.

Category Number 3 (Good)

Shampoos by:

Ayush Lever, Biotique, Patanjali

These shampoos have less toxic chemicals and better than category number 1 & 2. These have artificial fragrances and colors but the proportion is very less and safe to use. These shampoos are also trying to fool their customers as they have not mentioned complete list of ingredients. They have only mentioned 20-30% of their ingredients and remaining are base materials and ingredient list is still unknown.

Category Number 4 (Best)

Shampoos by:


These shampoos have no toxic chemicals, no artificial colors, no fragrances and no alcohols. These are safe to use and I would recommend using Khadi products as these are genuinely good.

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