Top 10 Soaps in India ranked from Worst to Best

Top 10 Soaps in India ranked from Worst to Best

Which soap are you using – Lux, Pears, Cinthol, Dove, Nivea?

Most of the soaps available in market have so many toxic chemicals in it. From strong detergent chemicals to alcohol to petroleum products to pesticides, soaps have it all. Soap is part of our daily routine and we apply it on our body to clean the skin to remove dirt and dust. Over a period of time they seep into the blood stream through the pores into the body and damage the skin. It is shocking to know that the most popular soaps have most toxic chemicals in it.

Soaps have toxic chemicals, cosmetic colors, artificial fragrances, and pesticides etc. which can cause skin irritation, skin dryness, disrupt pH balance and completely damage skin with long term use.

I have researched all the soaps available in India market and categorize into 5 categories on basis of toxic chemicals present in it.

Category Number 1 (Worst)

Soaps by:

Dettol, Lux, Fiama, Pears, Lifebuoy, Park Avenue, Vivel

Soaps from above mentioned brands contain 8-10 toxic chemicals in it. These are the worst and I suggest you to consider stop using them. These have strong fragrances, colors, alcohols, pesticides and full of toxic chemicals.

Category Number 2 (Bette than Worst)

Soaps by:

Hamam, Rexona, Cinthol, Lyril

These soaps are better than category number 1 as these have toxic chemicals, alcohols, pesticides, however, in less amount. It still have around 5-6 toxic chemicals in it.

Category Number 3 (Intermediate)

Soaps by:

Santoor, Medimix, Himalaya, Mysore Sandal Soap, Chandrika, Margo, Dove

These are much better than category number 1 & 2. These have around 3-4 toxic chemicals in it. Also, it contain less amount of alcohols, pesticides, artificial fragrances and colors.

Category Number 4 (Good)

Soaps by:

Ayush Lever, Biotique

These are marketed as not a cosmetic but therapeutic product. If you notice they did not even mention complete list of ingredients. These claim to be ayurvedic, however, these have mentioned only 10-20% of ingredients list and 80-90% ingredients are still unknown.

Category Number 5 (Best)

Soaps by:

Patanjali Multani Mitti Bar Soap

In my opinion this is one of the best bar soap available in Indian market as it does not contain any harsh chemical, fragrances, colors, alcohols or pesticides. This has also mentioned complete list of ingredients.

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